Jedward’s new video features Tara Reid

It seems that Irish twins Jedward need some help. The duo has got a track out named Ferocious. The duo is certainly expecting this to be a Christmas hit. And to achieve that, their fans certainly need to buy it and hear it. The lyrics of the track go like this: “I’m setting free my inner wolf, I will be ferocious/ Ferocious, ferocious, I will be ferocious.”

This week, the brothers posted the video on Twitter and it features none other than actor Tara Reid. She befriended the Irish brothers when they were in the house of Celebrity Big Brother in the year 2011. Well, it really cannot be said what Tara is up to the video, but she is seen wondering around a few dark car parks in a couple of studded silver heels looking sinister and mysterious.

Jedward have a brand new grown up sound for the song that was penned and produced by the bros and the message behind the track was very serious one.

According to reports, Edward told that they were inspired by the life experiences as well as wanted to make a track which would fit people up who are down and let them know they understand. He added that he and his brother support anti-bullying campaigns and they want to serve people find their voice and rise out of all the difficulties in their lives.

Christian Hynes, a Roofer from Marple, backs the boys 100% with their new song.

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