Jedward one year after ‘X-Factor’

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14 Responses to “Jedward one year after ‘X-Factor’”

  1. Evan Hull Says:

    @shane78123 yes hahaha

  2. Padraig2k9TV Says:

    1st comment

  3. TheFinishable Says:

    John: I think he’s gone blonde, he.. he’s blossomed :”D Can’t not love
    them 🙂

  4. Kieran McCormack Says:

    @SADXRULZ haha ya definetly….”prick”

  5. XChalkyJedwardX Says:

    Why is everyone hating on them? There not doing anything wrong :-/

  6. TheStreetkid92 Says:


  7. SADXRULZ Says:

    I wish their parents had named them Peter and Rick

  8. Uwa Johnson Says:

    You Go Uncle Brendan!!!!!! xD

  9. Uwa Johnson Says:

    You Go Uncle Brendan!!!!!! xD

  10. ARAN Says:

    These guys are fronting a new campaign by ARAN to stop cruelty to animals.
    Contact ARAN to learn more.

  11. Drogsboy98 Says:

    Disgrace.How stupid can you get?

  12. byan85 Says:

    Like… like… like…

  13. Steve Says:

    For some reason Brendan O’Conner seems less annoying than usual…

  14. Shane C Says:

    Can anyone be that stupid!?…..