Jedward – X Factor twins talk exclusively on GMTV

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25 Responses to “Jedward – X Factor twins talk exclusively on GMTV”

  1. MsLiz50 Says:

    They are the cutest boys ever and so nice and innocent and funny, I cant stop watching them omg whats wrong with me lol

  2. omgitsthebeatles Says:

    What did John say loot sounded like?

  3. misslozzymonster Says:


  4. cheerlvr01 Says:

    I love Justin bieber. And I know people hate him.

  5. TheNanphunsuwanan Says:

    omg i thought they were wearing rollerblades for a second :L ;L

  6. TheYazoo321 Says:


  7. SheWantsCoffee Says:

    They r doing so well now. It ‘s like giving all the people who wrote those hurtful comments below the finger.

  8. starinthehoodbabesx Says:

    they are such babes! <3

  9. pipesmokerable Says:

    they are so fucking stupid.

  10. prudduck Says:

    Your just discusting

  11. Celtic8781 Says:

    why the fuck am i watching this shit

  12. causeimfierce Says:

    see if ye dont like jedward then why watch it and comment? leave the page for people who want to say something good, everyone has there opinion and in this case no one wants to hear yours!

  13. alostmuffin Says:

    look at them now!!

  14. gonetothedogs67 Says:

    @chesney121 shut up, you cocksucking little faggot

  15. NightMareJMT Says:

    Fucking Inbred Twins Fuck Eachother So Obvs

  16. chesney121 Says:

    Thats funny considering I didn’t vote once that year. I never vote, oh, and next time you talk to me- use grammar you retard.

  17. gonetothedogs67 Says:

    @chesney121 eh??..they were in x factor..i on the other hand would not go on..because like them i can`t sing..but i have more than one brain cell…the only reason they stayed in was louis fucking walsh..and thick arseholes like yourself who voted for them

  18. chesney121 Says:

    Look at them, then in the mirror…who was on X Factor?

  19. iLoveItInsideMe Says: is a long couch… lol

  20. ShannCx Says:

    Huge love for these two <3

  21. anncariad Says:

    LOVE THEM AMAZIN” !!!!!!!!

  22. bloodyhell50 Says:

    they might not be able to sing but they make me smile 😀 i dnt know why! they just make me laugh! they’re so weird and funny but in a good way.

  23. sarzahk Says:

    aww they are soooooooooo sweet xxxxxxxxxx they are lovely role models and they have a great attitude towards every thing xxxxxxxxxxxx

  24. Ihateeminem1985 Says:

    They are soooo funny!!!

  25. BeccahEmily2010 Says:

    I love them sooooooo much <3 xxx