John and Edward – I’m Your Man – Week 7 – X Factor

Video Score: four / five

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16 Responses to “John and Edward – I’m Your Man – Week 7 – X Factor”

  1. MissAislin Says:

    Jedward! In it Twin it!

  2. jendapen95 Says:

    WOOOO GO JOHN AND EDWARD I LUV THESE GUYS (its good to see some comments
    from people who like them on here) ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. MrsUchiha93 Says:

    @2timer1254488 I don’t get it when people say this. I can never hear one
    over the other, and if it does sound like it, I just imagine it’s because
    they have similar voices, and sometimes it just sounds like one voice. In
    videos where Edward does sing, I think he’s just as good as his brother ๐Ÿ™‚
    Love Jedward SO much! ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. XJedward4LyffX Says:

    Yiis First Comment Love Yhuu Guys!!!:P<3

  5. Shea Eastwood Says:

    I’m a guy and i frigging love them. was sad that this was there last time
    but look where they’ve gone from this (:=

  6. tara meegan Says:

    ha there mad! jedward to win whoop!x

  7. candy33040 Says:

    john and edward to win..xxxx

  8. Donald Ganung Says:

    Good to see so many comments that see the good in these two guys. They
    wanted to put on a show and they certainly have. They’re fun, lot’s of fun.

  9. Alex Davies Says:

    i luv em ๐Ÿ˜€ this was good wasent they’re best though but still loved it <3
    john n edward ftw!!!

  10. krisfisherrocks Says:

    Love Jedward:)

  11. snazzzable Says:

    I love Jedward!

  12. chantal o callaghan Says:

    they shud have one !!!!!!!!!!!

  13. lauren skarratts Says:


  14. XJedward4LyffX Says:

    awwh maybe Not First!:(

  15. 2timer1254488 Says:

    I am a jeward fan and don’t get me wrong dey work well as a group but u
    neva really hear edward alls u really hear is john, are they purposely
    turning down the volume of edwards microphone, if John went it alone den
    u’d neva c aedward again, sorry edward u just dont cut it and ur brothers
    carrying u act after act

  16. dewy200884 Says:

    thank god they’re voted off