John and Edward talk Big – The X Factor – Detail2.flv

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6 Responses to “John and Edward talk Big – The X Factor – Detail2.flv”

  1. grahamsg1234 Says:

    12 jedward fans and one dick!

  2. Shannon Deacon Says:

    edward always interrupts john :L U GOTTA LOVE THEM:)

  3. JedwardRocks1 Says:

    if you don’t like them please don’t watch it or comment I uploaded this for
    people who do like them and would prefer for you to watch something you do
    like not post hateful comments on videos like this

  4. CrazySmileyFaceKid Says:

    I love them!!! Thanks for uploading 🙂 *Hugs* XxX love mee Ps Add meee

  5. Farina W. Says:

    NOW John always interrupts Edward!

  6. xooxsmileyxoox Says:

    yeah if you dont like them fuck off and go find a new hobby