John and Edward We Will Rock You

Video clip Rating: four / 5

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25 Responses to “John and Edward We Will Rock You”

  1. Надежда Раймер Says:


  2. Nick M Says:

    People call that music….. 

  3. izcat kitty Says:

    I luv them!!!

  4. English gamer Says:

    There attitude is gonna get them knocked out and they ruined a genre they
    know nothing off

  5. Robyn McAlear Says:

    Is a Jedhead a Jedward fan? 

  6. Stacey Day Says:

    to all those people booing and hissing——boo hiss to you. John and
    Edward are adorable and fun to watch. some of the contestants on our
    x-factor were good singers but deadly boring to watch. 

  7. ILoveMusic Says:

    Now in 2014: In Your Face Simon! Hahaha Jedward are awesome

  8. Morgan Behrendt Says:


  9. James Swartz Says:

    They are a disgrace to the song itself

  10. Morgan Behrendt Says:

    simons oo hard on them

  11. DrWhoFreak100 Says:

    Go Simon

  12. Voldemoord1 Says:

    omg yeaggg

  13. Crazy M. Says:

    Simon, look at them now!

  14. Mewy Grimes Says:

    Fuck You Simon !!!

  15. allIwear Says:

    Now I’m thinking about One Direction 😀

  16. LotteHolverda Says:

    Look at them now simon . YOU FAIL

  17. Ben Warr Says:

    @slinkpink885 na they were 17 when they aduitioned

  18. Leanne Kopty Says:

    I dont care if they cant sing i love thing for their personalty

  19. Julian Farmer Says:

    @schokozwieback25 Oh shit. My bad. Sleep deprivation is a terrible thing.

  20. coolrockman44 Says:

    @TeamUna That pile of doodoo.

  21. Brazilianairess Says:

    I never understood why these guys were hated so much, they’re hysterical.
    The acts like Jedward, Chico and Wagner were the entertaining ones that
    made the show worth watching.

  22. Rebecca Gellert Says:

    okey i NEVER!!!!!!! write hate comments but i swear some day im gonna
    murder simon cowell!!! hes just jealus hes not as jepic as they are!

  23. SuperRenata23 Says:

    I literally would punch you!!!

  24. crazyyladyy12 Says:

    rock you

  25. DiannaMercury Says:

    @TeamUna mabye xDDD