Russell Howard’s Good News Series 6 Episode 2 – Jedward Twins on the Titanic Piss Take

Video Rating: four / five

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24 Responses to “Russell Howard’s Good News Series 6 Episode 2 – Jedward Twins on the Titanic Piss Take”

  1. notveryconfident Says:

    I love Jedward but  found that hysterically funny; learn to take a joke guysss <3

  2. JinmaruChan Says:

    I love Jedward and that was so cruel but I still laughed. Oh well.

  3. Debeeria Says:

    Totally agree with ya 1996delboy (awesome name too btw :D)

  4. lovleysisters Says:

    I love jedward. don’t u dare hate them. But it was quite funny tho, 🙂

  5. DaniiK91 Says:

    Lol just lol

  6. lauravturner Says:

    yh, bieber, jedward and rebbecca black r evil and should not b in any music industry, which russell agrees with, so he takes the mick on his programme 😀 hes so awesome

  7. lauravturner Says:


  8. MultiHazza11 Says:

    Russel is god in a much more better form

  9. SR71studios Says:

    Fml that was funny ass shit XD

  10. SophieGrimes12 Says:

    I know! So funny and cool!

  11. SophieGrimes12 Says:

    Just don’t hate on Jedward. They buy their fans candyfloss and ice lollies. JLS don’t do that do they. Just proves Jedward are the best.

  12. 1996delboy Says:

    You may think so and nothing wrong with that but too many people hate them for being prats but you got to have a sence of humour even for someone you love just like the Justin Bieber video with Russell howard loads of people hated russell for it but loads loved him for it even bieber fans lol

  13. rosemaryswf Says:

    You may think so . I love them:) x

  14. ILoveJohnGrimesx Says:

    Even though I’m a jedward fan, that was funny :’)

  15. lilsabbyxxxx Says:

    is it wrong that i laughed

  16. rosemaryswf Says:

    I love Jedward…the “Together we are …Jedward” song is so was made by fan from clips of them speaking….The twins made a video of themselves miming to it, just for fun  😀

  17. 1996delboy Says:

    I don[t think he was on about the song pathetically just jedward themselves and if it was about them I don’t see the problem they are annoying twats anyway on TV

  18. SophieGrimes12 Says:

    A fan made that song. I think what Russel said was mean.

  19. SophieGrimes12 Says:

    I saw that tweet. I thought it sounded cool. They could have saved everyone…

  20. DREMORA2011 Says:

    you sir sicken me

  21. TheDoeboy1976 Says:


  22. dustyXxXx Says:

    I was practically crying with laughter at the Jedward bit :’)

  23. mrclankdog Says:

    that is fucking hilarous ginger passangers made titanic sink and RON WEASLEY DEAD A HEAD that made me laugh

  24. socorrolime Says:

    well, it would be a hella cool way to die. and if you didn’t die, it would be a great story. jedward are brilliant.