Scarlett Johansson copied their hairstyle, says Jedward

Jedward, the Irish pop duo, have stated that there was a time when people used to make fun of their hairstyle, but now time has changed. These days, even Scarlett Johansson has stolen their look. Lately, the Irish singing sensations have noticed that a whole lot of stars have copied their looks and they really love it.

In a recent interview with a leading website, they one half of the brothers told that he could recall when they came out with our hair, it was all like, what is the problem with their hair, but now even Scarlett Johannson, Niall Horan, Miley Cyrus, everyone’s got Jedward hair, it is not a huge deal anymore.

The Eurovision stars are currently starring in the newest installment of the hugely popular Sharknado series along with their friend Tara Reid and they also admitted that they were the “life of the set.” John told that they just play themselves and they did not die. Everyone is really excited, they were the life of the set.

John added that originally they had 2 primary main parts but they just could not get their visas sorted out so they got cameos. This is really very good, it has the biggest budget of the series as of now.

Delivering a speech at the introduction of the Diana Award’s anti-Bullying campaign at the Facebook HQ, the twins from Dublin revealed they clambered with bullies in school. They said that they thing about being bullied is that it makes you stronger and it makes you a fighter. When we were in school there were people who would call them names or even singled them out.

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