X Factor twins Jedward Behind The Scenes

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40 Responses to “X Factor twins Jedward Behind The Scenes”

  1. Amulichka Says:

    john is soo sweet and edward toooo <3

  2. AtlasRocketMedia Says:

    London village? Retards….

  3. chuddydow Says:

    @matsukiaoi nahh it was me, but we can put it behind us to create a better tomorrow :S or something liek that anyway :p

  4. chuddydow Says:

    @matsukiaoi i said i was the first to disliek the video, but yeahh, i guess i shouldnt be watching it if i dont like it and all that crap :p my bad, have a good day now 🙂

  5. JedicatedAlways Says:

    The beginning is so confusing:’)xxxx

  6. joydivision808 Says:


  7. matsukiaoi Says:

    @chuddydow don’t know, i can’t remember now 😛
    i think it was something about being in denial and gay, but that could of been someone else.

  8. chuddydow Says:

    @matsukiaoi haha, what would that be exactly??

  9. MeerasLife Says:

    I dont get why theyre so shy about their bodies, everyone knows theyre fit >.<

  10. matsukiaoi Says:

    @chuddydow “says” something about you then, doesn’t it.

  11. OhMyJedward Says:


  12. PikaJess123 Says:

    um am i the only girl that doesn’t like them for their looks?lol they’re cool

  13. chuddydow Says:

    says i was the first to dilike this, i feel proud

  14. fallinginlove59 Says:

    johhhhnnnnnnn <3

    bless edward covering himself up :')

  15. emelia1066 Says:

    stop at 00:32 or 00:33, Edward is sooooo fit!
    : D

  16. xXplc Says:

    soooooo cute <33333

  17. Dedokai32 Says:

    lay off the crack @Georgieandso

  18. Georgieandso Says:

    Omg jedward are sooo fit arrgggh i cant get over them 🙂

  19. deeeeeeezzzzaaaa Says:

    john is really pretty

  20. The1Mewmewpower Says:


  21. JedBusters Says:


  22. 3002jessica Says:

    When will there be a behind the scenes for their clothing range? Look, I read about it on here vogue.co.uk/news/daily/100802-jedwards-fashion-line.aspx

  23. HollieTash Says:

    Lol shy edward, mwuahaha.

  24. Jedward18rule Says:


  25. stargirlh2o Says:

    Aaaaah, Edward! I bet he has a nice body ;o!x

  26. Pitt Says:

    I love Brad Pitt

  27. Comedy Middle East Says:

    This is funny

  28. Hannah Montana Says:

    Lols 🙂

  29. B Music Says:

    Plan B could totally do this

  30. Britney Says:


  31. Roxx Says:

    Thanks for this – I think!?

  32. Gutterpups Band Says:

    No way!

  33. Highly Favoured Says:

    Is this pop?

  34. Top 10 Concerts Says:

    Wish I could get a ticket to the concert

  35. Blues Says:

    The Jazz version is better. Just sayin..! 🙂

  36. Tangent Music Blog Says:

    Leona FTW

  37. Fell Foot Festival Says:

    We need more people for the Fell Foot Music Festival! 🙂

  38. Bulgarian Pop Idol Says:

    Anyone see last night’s Music dol?

  39. House Music Says:

    Whats the best type of music?

  40. Zoser Music Says:

    Love th way you lie