X Factor’s Brian Friedman on life after Jedward

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20 Responses to “X Factor’s Brian Friedman on life after Jedward”

  1. susany2k5 Says:

    j&e fans you can buy jedwards single on amazon, itunes 7digital etc 3 times and it still counts!, on 7digital you can multi gift too! Amazon is only 29p!

  2. MsLMC18 Says:

    its very hard to tell whether hes glad john and edward are gone or not…

  3. 101aisha101 Says:

    @AlexDCl You are joking right? He is gay, he has a boyfriend!

  4. lordflanderwell Says:

    you know what they say,it takes one to know one…its cool tho.

  5. AlexDCl Says:

    I reckon he could be gay, you know.

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  11. Tina Barrett Says:

    Wish I was in the S Club

  12. Gaga Says:

    I think Lady G would do this better!

  13. Tisdale Says:

    Ashley Tisdale FTW

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    <3 Lady Gaga

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    Anyone know if Craig Elliotts version of this has been released yet?

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    TBH I love Sustenance Festival

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